Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wild Natures

On my morning walk today I was attacked by a pit bull and bitten on the stomach. It broke the skin but wasn't deep. I spent the morning talking to animal control and at the doctor's office. I love dogs and I'm not a pit bull hater at all. And actually I think the dog who attacked me is probably not an aggressive dog by nature. It was in a yard with two other dogs I am familiar with who were doing their usual bark-y thing as I walked by. I had never seen the pit bull before and it turns out he's the new girlfriend's dog and they didn't realize it could get over the fence. After it ran at me and bit me I turned to it and said in my best alpha dog voice "no!" and it totally backed down. It all happened so fast. I walked away and called 911 and eventually felt pretty shook up in the following hours.

But it was an experience that put me in touch with my own wild nature. And my wild nature is of the female fiercely protective kind. I felt first protective of any other people walking by- I especially didn't want a child or an older person getting hurt. And then I felt protective of the dog who bit me- I didn't want it treated unfairly due to it's pit bull- ness. And then my wild nature also guided me to retreat and sleep and rejuvenate before going out in the world again. I took a little walk tonight and felt tired and sore but wild things heal quickly and live in this present moment and so shall I.

So I painted a little today. A wolf showed up. I'm going to work on it a little more but here it is so far:

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